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Whether you are new to the logistics business or have years of experience managing the shipment of freight, there is something to learn in our Education web pages. See what is available by checking out the following previews:

Seminars – Learn about our industry leading EDucation seminars, available for anyone who is looking for proven ways to cut freight costs, optimize transit time and achieve air tight compliance.

FAQ – Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about freight and customs brokerage.

Quick Tips – See the business practices and management techniques that are delivering good results for freight shippers just like you.

Terminology – Jargon free explanations of industry terminology and acronyms. Available in two forms: In Brief and In Depth.

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Quick Tips

Tip #16 – Ensure basic information is completed on all commercial invoices

The commercial invoice is the basis for the Canadian customs entry and determines any applicable duties and taxes. Ensuring proper information is included is vital for the accurate processing of your shipment. The following information should always be shown:

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