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How to implement a voluntary customs compliance program

Introducing the Customs Compliance Made Easy Seminar, the fastest and most economical way to get the vital information every company needs to assemble and implement a voluntary customs compliance program in Canada.

Available exclusively from Universal Logistics, the 90-minute seminar addresses the key problem areas for most companies – errors in tariff classification, valuation and origin – and how to solve that problem by identifying and reporting the errors, a necessary step to close the gap between what is reported to Canada Customs and what is the commercial reality.

You will also learn about the importer's obligation to self-correct and the importance of having a Compliance Coordinator and the links between Purchasing, Receiving, Accounting and declarations to Canada Customs. Customs Compliance Made Easy, part of our EDucation Seminar Series, can be delivered in your office at a group rate of $199 (add $50/person for groups of more than three) or at the offices of Universal Logistics for just $99 (add $30/person for groups of more than three).

Quick Tips

Tip #36 – Report Lost and Damaged Cargo to your Forwarder, Carrier and Insurer as soon as possible

Any loss or damage to cargo should be reported immediately to the company or the company's nearest settling agent.

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