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E-payment options

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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is encouraging customs brokers and importers to remit their Duty and GST payments electronically, either by online banking or electronic data interchange (EDI). Making this change is recommended for three important reasons:

  • Electronic payment is easier and simpler than manual payment
  • Paying by online banking or EDI is the best way to ensure your payment is received on time and error free
  • Mandatory electronic payment is coming soon

Duty and GST Payments will continue to be due on the last business day of the month, unless specified otherwise. Making payment at least one day before the last business day of the month is recommended as some payments are not processed until the next working day. Payment amounts will be applied against the importer's account balance.

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  • On-line banking is a simple and cost effective e-payment solution.
  • Prior to setting up on-line banking with your Financial Institution (FI), you should confirm that your e-payment transfer limits are sufficient to cover your monthly duty and/or GST payments.
  • Clients paying using on-line banking will receive a payment confirmation number from their FI.
  • Importers can make electronic payments through participating Financial Institutions if they:

  • Make payment by cheque
  • Make payments for GST under the GST Direct Payment Option
  • Have their own account security and pay their own duties and taxes
  • To use the on-line banking option, visit the website of your financial institution and enter your business number (BN15, e.g. 123456789RM0001) as the account number, not the Canada Revenue Agency RT account number. Note, as well, that the wording for the CBSA Payee link varies by financial institution:

    Financial Institution CBSA Payee Name on Internet Bank Site
    BMO – Bank of Montreal Canada Border Services Agency
    Bank of America Canada Border Services Agency
    CIBC CBSA Customers / ASFC Douanes
    Citibank Canada Border Services Agency
    HSBC CBSA Importer / Importateur de L'ASFC
    National Bank Canada Border Services Agency / Agence des services frontaliers du Canada
    Royal Bank of Canada CBSA Duties, Taxes and Fees
    Scotiabank CBSA Duties, Taxes and Fees
    TD Canada Trust CBSA Duties, Taxes and Fees
    Tangerine Canada Border Services Agency
  • The CBSA is currently in discussions with other Financial Institutions regarding EDI and on-line banking.
  • Clients can use EDI to send their payment and payment instructions to the CBSA.
  • Clients should contact their Financial Institution (FI) client relationship manager to inquire about setting up and testing the CBSA EDI payment capability.
  • Only CBSA EDI certified FIs are able to offer CBSA EDI payment. This service is currently offered by Scotiabank, TD, Banque Nationale, RBC and BMO (which includes BMO, Citibank, Bank of America and Tangerine).
  • The CBSA is currently in discussions with other Financial Institutions regarding EDI and on-line banking.
  • To participate, the client must have a valid Business Number (BN) and have tested their data transmission with the participating FI.
  • Payment cut-off times are determined by each FI. Clients using the EDI payment method are responsible for knowing and adhering to their FI's EDI cut-off time in order to avoid late payment.

    Importers should consider paying CBSA by EDI if they are already using that option with other vendors. Here is how it works:

  • Importer sends a EDI 820 remittance advice message to the importer's Financial Institution.
  • Financial Institution withdraws the payment amount from importer's bank account and deposits it in the CBSA EPAY account (The date and time of your payment is set by when this step is completed, not when the importer made payment).
  • Financial Institution sends the EDI 820 remittance advice to the CBSA who confirms receipt.
  • The CBSA system posts the payment in the remittance advice to the account specified (importer's BN15 account).
  • We are strongly encouraging all of our clients to prepare and opt in to one of these e-payment options as soon as possible. Once you do, please notify us accordingly. Universal will continue to send you your monthly Duty/GST Statement but we will require confirmation that you are remitting to CBSA electronically so we know not to follow up for a remittance through our services.

    If you are interested in e-payments and have any questions about the set-up, please contact your Client Care Representative at Universal Logistics.

    Once you have taken steps to enroll in on-line banking and you have contacted your Financial Institution to indicate CBSA as a payable contact, please click on the following link to confirm enrollment:

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