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A leading North American freight forwarder for imports and exports transported by ocean, air or truck

Chris Cartan, Director - Operations
Chris Cartan,
Director – Operations

Building on our traditional strength in the UK, Europe and Asia, where we are recognized as market leaders, Universal Logistics offers:

  • ocean freight forwarding to and from any location around the world
  • air freight forwarding to and from any location around the world
  • trucking (cross border and domestic) in North America

Our freight forwarding experts will tell you about the many reasons why it pays to take control of your freight, a simple yet important change that can help importers and exporters achieve savings that could add up to six figures.

If you are shipping freight internationally and are interested in cutting freight costs and optimizing transit time, ask about Forward Thinking, the one-of-a-kind approach to international freight forwarding, based on the most thorough assessment of client needs in the business.

Yet another way to save is by routing your U.S. freight via Canada, a proven option under normal circumstances and even more beneficial when operations at U.S. ports are congested by peak season volumes, equipment shortages or labour disruptions.

More reasons why it pays to choose Universal Logistics

  • Specialty TradeUp Services – Responding to the demands of our clients and the changing markets worldwide, we have created value-added TradeUp logistics packages for specific industries, trade lanes and regions, such as China Plus, UK OK and BookFreight.
  • Proved and improved truck freight services – Looking for cross border or domestic trucking services (LTL to FTL), anywhere in North America? Our in-house trucking experts will select the right carrier and right route for your needs and budget. Speak to them today about the relative merits of local versus national carriers, new truck routes and the latest changes in road regulations.
  • Logistics 101 – In this 90-minute seminar, available exclusively from Universal Logistics, you will learn the benefits of taking control of your freight: save money, optimize transit times, take advantage of consolidation opportunities, improve visibility and enhance your customs compliance
  • Customs Compliance Made Easy – Learn the key compliance issues most companies face and how to solve the problem areas, a necessary step to close the gap between what is reported to Canada Customs and what is the “commercial reality”. This 90-minute EDucation seminar is available for just $99.

Universal Logistics is a corporate member of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA), the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) and the National Customs Brokers and the Freight Forwarder Association of America (NCBFAA) trading under CIFFA, CSCB and NCBFAA terms and conditions.

Get started today by contacting us by phone or online to request your free introductory consultation.

Quick Tips

Tip #33 – Design your packaging to suit your chosen mode of transport

When selecting packaging for your product, always consider the intended mode of transport and design your packaging to fully optimize your load capacity.

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