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March 2024

News and Views for the clients of Universal Logistics

CARM Registration and Customs Broker Delegation MANDATORY for all importers before April 26, 2024

CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management) is mandatory on May 13, 2024, and ALL importers must register in the CARM Client Portal. Otherwise, you will not be able to import goods into Canada.

CBSA is implementing a cut-over period (from the old system to the new system) effective April 26, 2024. During this transition period, trade community members will not be able to conduct accounting functions, access their accounts, or register in the CARM Client Portal.

CARM Registration and Customs Broker Delegation MANDATORY for all importers before April 26, 2024 - Route Newsletter: March 2024

As a result, importers who have not registered in the CARM Client Portal by April 26, 2024, will not be able to import goods into Canada!

From the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA): “CARM is here now. Before May 2024, importers and other trade chain partners need to register and adapt their systems and business practices. Aligning with CARM now will help you avoid interruptions and delays later.”

All Canadian customs brokerage clients of Universal Logistics will be expected to pay duty/taxes directly to CBSA through the CARM Portal. Please refer to Importer Direct Payment options for duties and GST.

Visit Universal Logistics’ website to learn more about CARM and watch videos that will help you through the registration process.

Delegation of Authority:

IMPORTANT: Universal will request “Delegation of Authority” from all active clients. You will receive this request once your company registers in the CARM Client Portal.

To delegate authority to Universal Logistics, select access to “All Programs” with “Business Management” status and check all three boxes under the Transaction Visibility Rules. This will allow Universal Logistics the ability to handle your Customs requirements and the visibility to manage your monthly Statement of Account.

Watch: How to set up a delegation of authority for employees in the CARM Client Portal

Watch: How to delegate authority for a third-party service provider in the CARM Client Portal

To access the CBSA CARM Client Portal, click here.

We are also ready to assist you with this registration process and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact your Client Care representative or Mark Glionna, Vice President—Client Relations & Business Development.

All importers must realize the magnitude of this CBSA initiative and its impact on them. You may not be aware, but importers who do not register for the CARM Client Portal will face significant delays at the border once Release 2 comes into effect.

Air Freight Cargo

Did you know we also do air freight?

At Universal Logistics, we’re not just about ocean and truck freight; we provide comprehensive air freight solutions tailored to your business needs. Experience our air freight services’ efficiency, speed, and reliability, designed to keep your operations soaring.

Contact us today or click here to discover how we can elevate your logistics strategy with our air freight capabilities.

Universal Logistics meets with Premier Cargo Alliance partners in Dubai (UAE)

This year’s Premier Cargo Alliance (PCA) conference took place in the beautiful city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is also aptly referred to as the “City of Gold” because of its stunning growth from a sleepy Gulf port to a world-famous business crossroads in the space of a single generation.

Universal Logistics was well represented at this year’s three-day event by Paul Glionna, Vice President of Systems Development & Operations, and John Leis, Director of Client Relations.

During the 3-day conference, Paul and John conducted one-on-one meetings with over 30 people from 26 different forwarding companies representing 38 countries from around the globe. 

Universal Logistics meets with Premier Cargo Alliance partners in Dubai (UAE) - Route Newsletter: March 2024

“Given the current geopolitical landscape and its impact on international trade, meeting in person with our freight forwarding agent partners from all corners of the world gives us a unique understanding and perspective of local markets and conditions impacting global trade. Our goal is to use these valuable insights to enhance our operations and to share with our clients,” says Paul Glionna.

If you are shipping internationally and need ocean or airfreight options and pricing, please contact Cathy Fong, Director – Freight Pricing.

Why cargo insurance is a good investment

A typical shipment passes through many different modes of transport before arriving at its final destination, which adds the potential for damages or losses. Cargo insurance offers protection when encountering these situations. When the unexpected happens, without insurance, your only recourse is to claim against the carrier’s limited liability, ranging from approximately USD 20.00 per kg for air freight, roughly USD 3.00 per kg for ocean freight, to less than CAD 4.40 per kg for truck freight. When you purchase cargo insurance coverage, you ensure quick processing of claims and prompt restitution, plus protection against carriers’ “General Average” declarations, all of which reduce your exposure to financial loss.

Why cargo insurance is a good investment - Route Newsletter: March 2024

In today’s rapidly changing geopolitical climate, it is vital to check with us to determine whether there are any exclusions or limitations of coverage based on the routing of your shipment. We are currently seeing increased violence against vessels who continue to take the risk to travel through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, as opposed to diverting via the safer route around the Cape of Good Hope. If your shipment is routing through an area currently in conflict, you should understand your coverage options. Most insurers will exclude war and strike insurance if cargo is routed via these areas of high risk. In some instances, you may be able to obtain war and strike coverage for additional costs. Working with a trusted partner such as Universal Logistics, who can arrange specific cargo insurance coverage for you, is the best way to ensure your interests are protected and that you know exactly where you stand regarding specific cargo insurance coverage.

Regarding “General Average” declarations, these can occur at any time, i.e. whenever a vessel encounters distress and, in turn, financial loss. If an incident such as fire, loss of cargo or vessel peril occurs and the carrier declares “General Average,” all parties with cargo on the vessel will be deemed liable for a portion of the costs incurred due to the incident. It does not take much for these costs to reach very high levels, and, as such, the amount borne by each party will be excessive. With cargo insurance in place, you will protect your financial interests from being affected, and simply by presenting a valid certificate of cargo insurance to the carrier that declares “General Average,” your cargo will be released promptly. The alternative, namely not having cargo insurance in place, will mean the carrier will typically insist on payment for your deemed share of the loss before the release of the shipment, and, as noted, these amounts can be excessive.

Please contact Debbie McGuire, Director—Freight Solutions, or David Lychek, Director—Ocean & Air Services, if you have questions about your insurance coverage through Universal or wish to discuss your options.

Changes to import requirements for pet supplements effective June 24, 2024

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is modernizing and simplifying import requirements for pet supplements containing animal products and by-products. We are giving you advance notice of changes to import requirements that will be published on June 24, 2024.

1. Simplified categorization of pet supplements

The current categories for pet supplements in the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) do not accurately reflect the variety of available options. On June 24, 2024, the CFIA will update AIRS to include only three categories:

Changes to import requirements for pet supplements effective June 24, 2024 - Route Newsletter: March 2024
  1. Pet supplements with no animal-origin ingredients
  2. Pet supplements containing only highly processed animal-origin ingredients
  3. Pet supplements containing animal-origin ingredients that are not highly processed

Highly processed animal-origin ingredients:

  • Albumin
  • Bee-derived products
  • Chondroitin sulphate
  • Collagen
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Egg and egg products
  • Fish oils
  • Gelatin and gelatin capsules
  • Green-lipped mussel powder
  • Marine materials that are not rendered (other than fish oil and green-lipped mussel powder)
  • Milk and milk products
  • Tallow
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3 from lanolin

Non-highly processed animal origin ingredients:

  • Meat
  • Organs
  • Offal
  • Bone or meat meal
  • Bone broth
  • Spray dried plasma or other blood derivatives, including blood meal
  • Products of a rendering plant (other than fish oil and green-lipped mussel powder)

Pet supplements with no animal-origin ingredients will be allowed from any country, with a copy of the label or manufacturer’s ingredient list. Pet supplements with animal-origin ingredients must be accompanied by a zoosanitary certificate.

AIRS will be updated to specify whether pet supplements from each country will be accepted or refused, making it easier for importers to find the information they want.

2. Zoosanitary Certification

The zoosanitary certificates for pet supplements with animal-origin ingredients will allow the official veterinarian of the exporting country to cross out ingredients not included in the certified shipment. Also, different types of supplements in the same shipment can be certified using the same zoosanitary certificate as long as they are all in the same category of highly processed or non-highly processed.

Please visit the new Notice to Industry for the wording of these zoosanitary certificates.

We hope this information is helpful and will help you prepare for these upcoming changes. There will not be a transition period; therefore, we are providing advanced notification of this change (scheduled for June 24, 2024). Please ensure that you work with your importation team to be aware of this deadline and the new requirements.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the Animal Products and By-Products import inbox at For routine inquiries, your local CFIA office remains your first contact point.

Contact Brian Rowe, Director – Customs Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, for more information.

Global Spotlight Quiz

Global Spotlight Quiz

Name the city known for Canton Tower

  • Known as the ‘City of Flowers’. Thanks to a subtropical climate, the city is blessed with flowers all year round.
  • The country’s most important port.
  • The annual Canton Fair is one of the largest trade fairs in the country and attracts thousands of international buyers and sellers.
  • Shamian Island offers a unique glimpse into the city’s colonial past with its tree-lined streets and European-style buildings.
  • Hosted the Asian Games in 2010
Name the city known for Canton Tower - Route Newsletter: March 2024
Canton Tower is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, standing at a height of 1,969 feet.

Answer: Guangzhou, China

For more information about shipping freight to or from this city, contact Debbie McGuire, Director – Freight Solutions.

Quick Tip

Country of Origin may not be the Country of Export

Did you know that Country of Origin and Country of Export are not the same thing? Country of Origin indicates where your product is made. Country of Export indicates where your product is shipped from. Failing to make this distinction could result in an AMPS penalty for incorrect tariff treatment.

Country of Origin may not be the Country of Export - Quick Tip - Route Newsletter: March 2024

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Debbie D’Ornellas

Team Leader - Truck Services

Debbie D’Ornellas joined Universal’s Head Office Truck Services team in December 2001, where she has successfully managed the day-to-day operations of many of our key clients, demonstrating a high proficiency and aptitude for any given task.

In January 2024, Debbie was promoted to the role of Team Leader – Truck Services, utilizing her vast knowledge and experience to provide guidance and support to the Truck Services team. In addition, Debbie continues to provide the high level of service that has characterized her for the past 23 years at Universal.

Debbie can be reached by phone (905) 882-4880, ext. 1257 or by email.

Debbie D’Ornellas, Team Leader - Truck Services - Route Newsletter: March 2024

Debbie D’Ornellas
Team Leader – Truck Services

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