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October 2022

News and Views for the clients of Universal Logistics

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Universal Logistics meets with
Premier Cargo Alliance partners in Madrid

Group photo of attendees at the PCA Conference in Madrid.
Group photo of attendees at the PCA Conference in Madrid.

Meeting with our freight forwarding-agent partners from around the world is always a great learning opportunity.  This year’s Premier Cargo Alliance conference was held in Madrid, Spain and Universal Logistics was represented by Debbie McGuire, Director – Freight Solutions; Cathy Fong, Manager – Freight Pricing along with Mark and Paul Glionna from the Executive team.

During the 3-day conference, we were able to meet with over 45 people from 22 different forwarding companies representing 33 countries – some we have worked with for years, others we were meeting for the first time.  “Understanding the unique challenges in each country along with the core strengths of each partner allows us to offer the most viable routing options and best freight solutions for our clients”, says Debbie McGuire.

If you are shipping internationally and looking for ocean or air freight options and pricing, please contact Cathy Fong, Manager – Freight Pricing.

Canada’s supply chains need overhaul:
National Supply Chain Task Force 2022 Report

Frieght Gears

The 21 recommendations in the final report released by the National Supply Chain Task Force this month are intended to address the delays and economic pressure that have plagued the supply chain over the last two and a half years.  The federal task force says Canada’s transportation supply chain is approaching its “breaking point” and urgent action from both government and industry is needed to keep goods flowing.

Priority items include easing congestion at ports and addressing labour shortages, as well as working to protect border crossings and other key points from disruption.  The report prioritizes long-term recommendations, including the creation of a federal central supply chain office to oversee any changes and unify the federal government’s positions across the divisions.

Addressing labour shortages and the digitization of the transportation supply chain sector are key to providing better insight on Canada’s supply chain as a whole.  Labour shortages have affected all sectors of the economy, but have disrupted the transportation sector especially.  Trucking, in particular, has faced pressure from labour shortages.  It is responsible for 50 per cent of trade and is currently missing the equivalent of 25,000 drivers.

The federal government already has policies in process to address some supply chain issues, including a policy that will require large rail companies to be more transparent in their operations and provide more clarity on their performance to the agricultural sector.  Plans are also in place to introduce legislation this year to modernize the governmental structure of ports, a recommendation also proposed by the task force.

In order for such initiatives to be successful, government, transportation, logistics providers, shippers, producers, manufacturers and retailers must act decisively, urgently and in unison.  This is the only way to create a supply chain system that is more agile, flexible, resilient, competitive and efficient than it is today.

Modernized and future-proof regulatory frameworks, along with intensified cooperation between and within the public and private sectors will be needed if Canada is to remain relevant in the global marketplace.

For more information, contact David Lychek, Director – Ocean & Air Services.

Time to renew blanket CUSMA/USMCA Origin Declarations


Don’t forget to get your Blanket CUSMA/USMCA Origin Declarations renewed for 2023.  Or simplify your life by taking advantage of our CUSMA/USMCA Management Service, the fast, easy way to ensure your CUSMA/USMCA Origin Declarations are fully compliant.

This is important because significant AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) transactional penalties could apply if you make a claim for preferential treatment without a valid CUSMA/USMCA Origin Declaration.

Get started now by forwarding your 2023 Blanket CUSMA/USMCA Origin Declarations to or contact Ivy Woo, Manager – Customs Consulting Services, for more information.

Global Spotlight Quiz
Global Spotlight
This picturesque arena hosts sporting
events, concerts and functions.

Global Spotlight Quiz

Name the city known for its rich history, entertainment & multicultural atmosphere

  • The city was built to be the capital of the first freely-settled British province in the country.
  • It only takes 20 minutes to get to any point in the city, hence its nickname ‘The 20-Minute City’.
  • ‘City of Churches’ is another well known nickname – notable sites include Trinity Church, St. Mary’s Catholic Church and St. Peter’s Cathedral with its impressive twin spires.
  • The opal capital of the country, famous both locally and internationally for the bestselling opals available.
  • Hosts about 400 festivals a year, ranging from music, films, cars to just about anything else.

See the answer

For more information about shipping freight to or from this city, contact Debbie McGuire, Director – Freight Solutions.

Quick Tip

Quick Tip

Cargo Liability versus Cargo Insurance

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Cargo Liability and Cargo Insurance are the same thing.  They are not.  Cargo Liability is the maximum amount of liability a carrier will assume if they are determined to be 100 percent at fault which must be stated on their Bill of Lading.  Cargo Insurance is purchased by the shipper for protection against losses resulting from all perils (loss, damage, theft) and can cover more than 100% of the cargo’s value.

Anthony Zitko, Customs Operations – Windsor
Anthony Zitko,
Customs Operations – Windsor

At Your Service: Anthony Zitko, Customs Operations – Windsor

Anthony Zitko joined Universal’s Windsor Customs Operations Team in August of 2021.  Today, in addition to handling the clearance and final accounting of shipments crossing via the Windsor border, Anthony is active in a number of areas within our Canadian Customs Operations Team.

Most recently, Anthony was promoted to the role of Quality Assurance – Customs Operations.  Anthony will remain our key point of contact at the Windsor office and will work directly with our Manager – Border Clearances, Lukas Hamann, to oversee our internal quality control process for the Canadian Customs Operations Team.

Anthony can be reached by phone (519) 972-8050, ext. 2402 or by email.

October 2022

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News and Views for the
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