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May 2017

News and Views for the clients of Universal Logistics

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Universal Logistics honoured at annual meeting of
Certified Transportation Network

Certified Transportation Network (CTN) group photo
Group photo taken at the annual meeting of the
Certified Transportation Network in New Orleans, May 10-13.

Our successful participation in the Certified Transportation Network (CTN) was once again recognized at the recent annual meeting, held in the beautiful and historic city of New Orleans, Louisiana from May10-13.

CTN is a worldwide group of logistics providers, created to help the member partners deliver high level services for businesses involved in global trade. Universal Logistics is the only representative from Canada.

This year, six senior Universal staff members, including Mark Glionna, Vice President – Client Relations & Business Development and Paul Glionna, Vice President – Systems Development & Operations, attended the event to meet with our global partners who will help us strengthen and broaden our logistics services worldwide. "In just three days, we met with 36 companies from 29 different countries," said Paul.

For more information, contact Paul Glionna, Vice President – Systems Development & Operations.

U.S. applies anti-dumping duties

Anti-dumping duties as high as 148.02% have been applied to carbon and alloy steel cut-to-length plate (CTL plate) being imported to the U.S. from the following eight countries: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea (South) and Taiwan.

The products covered by these orders are certain carbon and alloy steel hot-rolled or forged flat plate products not in coils, whether or not painted, varnished, or coated with plastics or other non-metallic substances (cut-to-length plate).

For a full list of subject goods, complete with specific anti-dumping margins, please refer to the U.S.FederalRegister of May 25, 2017.

For more information, contact Brian Rowe, Director – Customs Compliance & Regulatory Affairs.

When European Union-origin goods become duty free in Canada

Canada EU

Duties on most EU-origin goods will be staged out at varying rates when the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is provincially implemented on either June1 or July1,2017.

The agreement applies to 98% of EU-origin goods. EU companies will need to be on the Registered Exporter System to claim origin preference underCETA.

For more information, contact Brian Rowe, Director – Customs Compliance & Regulatory Affairs.

Cargo theft increases sharply in Ontario

Ontario ranks second within North America for cargo theft in the first quarter of 2017, according to a report by CargoNet, a cargo security services company.

In total, there were 29 cargo thefts in the first quarter this year, an increase of 262% versus the same period last year. California ranked first for cargo thefts, with 51 crimes. Overall, there were 192 thefts, which cost shippers about $28.7 million.

For more information, contact William Sanchez, Manager – Truck Services.

Global Spotlight Quiz
Global Spotlight
Tourists arriving by plane have to accept that the "airport" lacks the usual amenities.

Global Spotlight Quiz

How many clues do you need to name the one place on earth where every working person has no wisdom teeth?

  • Anyone who works in this place has had their wisdom teeth and appendix removed whether it is medically necessary ornot.
  • Can tap the world’s largest supply of fresh water.
  • Considered the premier hunting ground for meteorites on Earth, in part because the dark rocks stand out against the white ice, but also because the meteorites are largely undisturbed by natural processes.
  • There are no indigenous populations
  • One of the most isolated places in the world, with a "population" of about 25, which drops to just 13 during the winter

Click here to see the answer

Quick Tip

How cultural differences affect international business transactions

Chinese New Year 2017

Business practices can vary from country to country, depending on the nation’s culture, religion, education, economics, environment, politics and social norms.For example, you should know:

  • In Italy, production facilities often close down for the entire month ofAugust
  • In Hong Kong, it is very common to work on Saturdays
  • Chinese New Year is observed in February orMarch
  • U.S. Independence Day falls on July 4th, while Canada Day is celebrated on July1st
  • Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated in October; in the U.S. it is celebrated in November .

Kevin Seidel – Customs Operations, Universal Logistics USA

Kevin Seidel – Customs Operations, Universal Logistics USA

At Your Service: Kevin Seidel – Customs Operations, Universal Logistics USA

Have questions about imports to the U.S. via ocean orair?

Get in touch with Kevin Seidel at our Buffalo, New York office. Kevin has over 15 years of experience and a solid understanding of U.S. import requirements.

Kevin’s specific responsibilities include processing the release of ocean and air shipments, tracking ocean cargo and filing ISF and AES declarations.

Kevin can be reached by phone (716) 882-4100, ext.1404 or by email.

May 2017

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News and Views for the
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