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Questions often asked by importers and exporters

You have questions about freight, customs brokerage and distribution services. We have answers.

Q. What is a NAFTA Certificate of Origin?
A. The NAFTA Certificate of Origin is a certificate attesting to the fact that the goods contained therein are originating for purposes of the North American Free Trade Agreement for preferential treatment in Canada, USA and Mexico.
Q. Do I use a NAFTA Certificate of Origin on any and all shipments from the U.S. to Canada?
A. The NAFTA Certificate of Origin is only for goods that originate (are manufactured) in Canada, USA or Mexico. Goods that originate in a country other than those (Canada, USA, Mexico) cannot be listed on the Certificate.
Q. Can Universal Logistics arrange to ship my goods?
A. Universal Logistics provides a full transportation service. Whether you need LTL truck freight or a full load international ocean freight, Universal Logistics can move your freight on time and on budget.
Q. What documents are required to import goods into Canada?
A. Generally speaking, a Canada Customs Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing Slip and Bill of Lading are required. However, depending on the nature of the goods and the country of origin, additional documents may be necessary.
Q. I would like to set up an account with Universal Logistics, do I wait until my shipment arrives at customs to begin the documentation?
A. No, to avoid shipment delays an account should be set up with our logistics company well in advance of shipment arrival. There are documents that will require your original signature to authorize Universal Logistics to act on your behalf with Canada Customs.
Q. Will I get a lower rate of duty on my imported goods if I switch my business over to Universal Logistics?
A. If your current/previous broker was incorrectly classifying your products, you may be entitled to a lower duty rate. However, duty rates are not a negotiable commodity, and if the shipment is classified correctly, the same rate of duty will apply to all brokers and importers.
Q. How will Universal Logistics handle customs clearance of my shipments when they arrive at a Customs Port where Universal does not have their own office?
A. Through electronic release, our Head Office can make all necessary clearance arrangements without a physical presence at the port of release. If representation is required in any way, our sub-agent broker (part of a well-established network of reliable partners across Canada) will ensure a seamless and efficient process.

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