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Business people reviewing customs brokerage plan by Universal Logistics, a trusted customs broker in Canada and a good choice for anyone who wants to find a customs broker in Canada who offers competitive customs brokerage rate charges and fees.

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How much could you save by ordering a free SMART Customs Review?

SMART Customs Review, a customs brokerage service offered exclusively by Universal Logistics, a leading customs broker offering clearance and customs consultancy services

Paying too much duty? Missing out on duty drawbacks? At risk of customs compliance penalties? Get the answers with a free SMART Customs Review, available exclusively from Universal Logistics, a fully licensed customs broker in Canada and U.S.

There is no cost or obligation for this proven service, which delivers four key benefits for Canadian and U.S importers:

  • Find the most advantageous tariff classifications and duty rates
  • Identify duty drawback and refund opportunities
  • Obtain the full benefits of free trade agreements, such as NAFTA and GPT
  • Avoid customs compliance penalties imposed by CBSA in Canada and CBP in the U.S., ranging from $100 to $1,000, or more

Why wait? Contact us today by phone or online to request your free SMART Customs Review today.

Quick Tips

Tip #16 – Ensure basic information is completed on all commercial invoices

The commercial invoice is the basis for the Canadian customs entry and determines any applicable duties and taxes. Ensuring proper information is included is vital for the accurate processing of your shipment. The following information should always be shown:

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