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Gears representing the logistics process, a specialty of Universal Logistics, among the best companies in Canada with a Canadian customs brokerage staff as well as best freight forwarding employees specializing in shipping Canada to UK.

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Why it pays to take control of your air, ocean and truck freight

Mark Glionna, Vice President - Client Relations & Business Development for Universal Logistics, a trusted source of Canadian customs brokerage and customs clearance services, plus Canadian freight forwarding on par with the best freight forwarders in Canada.
Mark Glionna,
Vice President – Client Relations & Business Development

Looking for a quick, effective way to make your supply chain more efficient? Take Control. That means you choose how your freight is routed and that, in turn, means you also choose the logistics company that provides your freight forwarding (air freight, ocean freight, truck freight) and customs brokerage services.

Choose Universal Logistics, a logistics services company with offices in Canada and the U.S., and you can look forward to savings that could add up to six figures, just one more reason why we are the trusted provider of freight forwarding and customs brokerage for a growing number of companies in Canada and the U.S.

With our Taking Control logistics strategy, your supplier no longer controls your freight. That's vital because suppliers often mark up freight costs to increase their profits at your expense. It is more common than you think – and the savings over a year can be very significant. You save even more because Universal Logistics, among the top logistics companies in Canada, is committed to helping you:

  • Optimize your freight transit times, which means you don't overpay for expedited freight when your schedule allows for a lower-cost service alternative.
  • Identify money-saving consolidation opportunities that don't compromise your delivery schedule. This proven strategy, which typically involves the combining of multiple orders from various suppliers, can help companies that ship freight regularly save several thousands of dollars – or more.
  • Proactively identify trouble spots – and recommend corrective actions – before it's too late. For example, if there is a conflict between your schedule and the operations of a vendor, we bring this to your attention and offer an alternative plan, which could involve expediting your freight or mapping out contingencies to accommodate a later delivery. Either way, you have the information required to make the most timely and cost effective business decision.

It also pays to control your customs brokerage    - Click to reveal content

Customs broker enforcement officer, responsible for customs compliance penalties, which can be avoided with the help of Universal Logistics, a trusted provider of customs brokerage services in Canada and the United States.

Paying too much duty? Missing out on duty drawbacks? At risk of customs compliance penalties? Get the answers with a free SMART Customs Review, available exclusively from Universal Logistics, a trusted source of logistics consulting for over a half century.

There is no cost or obligation for this proven service, which delivers four key benefits for Canadian and U.S importers:

  • Find the most advantageous tariff classifications and duty rates
  • Identify duty drawback and refund opportunities
  • Obtain the full benefits of free trade agreements, such as NAFTA and GPT
  • Avoid customs compliance penalties imposed by CBSA in Canada and CBP in the U.S., ranging from $100 to $1,000, or more

Quick Tips

Tip #51 – The link between insurance premiums and risk

There are many factors which affect the pricing of your insurance premium, but all revolve around the risk involved. For example, the longer the transit time, the more time available for something negative to happen.

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