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Anti-dumping ruling made against three countries

On January 25, 2017, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) made a determination that provisional duties are payable on selected fabricated industrial steel components originating in or exported from China, Korea and Spain. The list of products includes steel beams, columns, braces, frames, railings, stairs, trusses, conveyor belt frame structures and galleries, bents, bins, chutes, hoppers, ductwork, process tanks, pipe racks and apron feeders.

These fabricated structural steel and plate-work components are only subject to the additional duties when for use in structures for:

  1. oil and gas extraction, conveyance and processing;
  2. mining extraction, conveyance, storage, and processing;
  3. industrial power generation facilities;
  4. petrochemical plants;
  5. cement plants;
  6. fertilizer plants; and
  7. industrial metal smelters;

The provisional duties (ranging from 0.2% to 54.5%), effective January 1, 2017, were applied after the CBSA made a preliminary anti-dumping ruling against China, Korea and Spain that included a determination of subsidizing from China. A final determination is expected on or before April 25, 2017. Similar investigations involving United Arab Emirates, the UK and Northern Ireland were dropped.

For more information please call Brian Rowe, General Manager – Customs Consulting Services at (905) 882-4880, ext. 213.

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