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Are you ready for CUSMA/USMCA on July 1, 2020?

On July 1, 2020, the new CUSMA/USMCA/T-MEC agreement will replace the existing NAFTA free trade agreement for imports into Canada, USA and Mexico.

In order to continue to benefit from duty free entry, of qualifying goods, existing Blanket NAFTA Certificates of Origin must be replaced with valid Blanket Certifications for the period of July 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

It’s important to remember the new agreement isn’t just a name change, the Rules of Origin have changed for many commodities.

Not sure where to start? We can review your existing NAFTA Certificates with the new Rules of Origin to determine if your products still qualify. Furthermore, we can also assist with preparation of the new Blanket Certification, and contact your vendors directly, so you’re ready for July 1, 2020. Contact Universal Logistics for a quote.

Proof of Origin Requirements
Importers should obtain valid Blanket Certifications of Origin under the new regulations, or ensure exporters are prepared to include the applicable 9 data elements on shipping documents as outlined in the Origin Procedures Annex 5-A:

  1. Indicate whether an Importer, Exporter or Producer Certification of Origin
  2. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Certifier
  3. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Exporter (if different from the certifier)
  4. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Producer (if different from the certifier)
  5. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Importer (if known)
  6. Description and HS Tariff Classification of the Good(s)
  7. Origin Criteria as set out in Article 4.2: Originating Goods (refer to page 4-4)
  8. Blanket Period (up to 1 calendar year)
  9. Authorized Signature and Date

The Certification must be signed and dated by the Certifier and accompanied by the following statement:

“I certify that the goods described in this document qualify as originating and the information
contained in this document is true and accurate. I assume responsibility for proving such
representations and agree to maintain and present upon request or to make available during a verification visit, documentation necessary to support this certification.”

Although the new agreement does not have a formal Blanket Certification form, Universal Logistics has prepared a template for your use:

For detailed information on the new agreement:

For more information or to engage Universal’s full CUSMA/USMCA/T-MEC Management Service, please call Brian Rowe, Director – Customs Compliance & Regulatory Affairs at (905) 882-4880, ext. 1213.

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