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Three reasons why it pays to choose Universal Logistics

Cut freight costs    |    Optimize transit times    |    Achieve air-tight compliance


How to make your next international freight shipment better

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Why settle for a traditional freight forwarder service when you could have Forward Thinking, the one-of-a-kind approach to international freight forwarding, based on the most thorough assessment of client needs in the business. It takes freight management to an all-new level by addressing everything from market conditions and weather disruptions to production schedules and delivery deadlines.

Get started today by requesting a SMART Freight Review, the free introductory consultation offered exclusively by Universal Logistics, a leading Canadian logistics management company, with freight forwarding and customs brokerage offices in Canada and the U.S., established in 1949.

Four reasons why it pays to choose Forward Thinking

  1. Supply chain check-up
    Is your current freight forwarder doing no more than just handling shipments? Get a free consultation on your planned international moves to identify overall opportunities, challenges and strategies.
  2. Purchase order management
    Does your forwarder get involved from the minute a purchase order is placed? Send us your electronic POs for the freight that needs to be moved, including key landmarks in the supply chain such as "Ready at Factory Date" and "Required Delivery Date". We will monitor progress of your shipment to ensure all desired deadlines are met.
  3. Vendor synchronization
    Are your international vendors meeting their commitments? We provide the answer by monitoring vendor performance locally, reporting any delinquencies, and recommending alternative solutions, when necessary, to meet your objectives.
  4. 24-hour shipment visibility
    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we provide Clients Only web access to shipment status, exception reporting and shipment documentation (EDM) from PO to POD.

Quick Tips

Tip #14 – Don't just insure the value of the goods

When insuring your freight, you are fully entitled to value your goods at a price above the base cost. Valuation of goods may include all freight charges, related costs, plus 10% (or more) to cover the administrative burden of processing a claim and to cover the insured's profit. Since duty is still payable on damaged goods, make sure you insure the amount of duty as well.

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