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Photo of client management related to CRM, customer relationship management, a top priority for Universal Logistics, among the best Canadian companies providing customs brokerage and freight forwarding services worldwide.

Innovative Logistics Solutions   |   Traditional Family Values

Photo of Frank Glionna, Founder of Universal Logistics, a trusted provider of freight forwarding and management services and customs brokerage services in Canada and the U.S.
Frank Glionna Sr., Founder
Universal Logistics, 1949
Photo of Frank Glionna Jr., a former President of Universal Logistics, among the top freight forwarders and customs brokers in Canada, serving importers and exporters worldwide.
Frank Glionna Jr.,
President Universal Logistics,
Mark Glionna, Vice President for Universal Logistics, the best logistics company in Toronto for anyone who wants to work with freight forwarders and customs brokers who are guided by family values.
Mark Glionna: Vice President
– Client Relations &
Business Development
John Leis, Director of Client Relations for Universal Logistics, the best logistics company in Canada for anyone who needs Canadian customs brokerage or freight forwarding srvices from a company that always honors the family values of the founder.
John Leis, Director – Client Relations


"Everything starts with the Client."
Frank Glionna Sr., Founder Universal Logistics, 1949

Whether you have been a Universal Logistics client for many years or are a first-time client, you get all the benefits of Client Care, our term for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Check our track record and you will find that we were committed to building strong client relationships – with a unique combination of people, processes and technology – long before CRM became a well established business process.

In fact, our commitment to delivering unmatched client service, introduced by our founder, Frank Glionna Sr. and reaffirmed by his successor, Frank Glionna Jr., is based on the belief that:

"Everything starts with the Client. Think first about the Client's business, the Client's needs and the Client's opportunities."

Today, Client Care empowers our clients by providing timely, integrated and actionable information.

What our clients can expect

  • A Client Care representative, dedicated to understanding and meeting your logistics needs
  • Performance Feedback Program to measure progress
  • Scheduled service visits (you schedule the frequency of contact – monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • A written report of action items following each service meeting
  • Access to additional Client Care support teams: Freight Pricing, Freight Solutions, Customs Consulting Services
  • The peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your business objectives are being met on time and on budget, plus you are in full compliance with today's dynamic legislative and regulatory framework

Meet the Client Care Team

Quick Tips

Tip #3 – How to avoid customs penalties for non-compliance

Sooner or later, your business will be audited by Customs (CBSA) to ensure you have not committed violations that are subject to AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) penalties.

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