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Get ready for CARM


As customs brokers we are used to managing change, especially new Canada Border Services (CBSA) initiated programs.  In most cases, we manage these changes behind the scenes.   Our clients rightfully expect that we will take care of everything on their behalf – and we do.

CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management), however, is one of the first Customs initiatives that absolutely requires importer engagement.  All importers to Canada (whether resident or non-resident) must take certain steps – if not, they simply won’t be able to import into Canada.

Universal Logistics will help our clients along the road to CARM to ensure a smooth transition.  The CARM initiative will be implemented in phases (or releases).  Release 1 is scheduled for May 25, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know to get ready…


Identify your company’s Business Account Managers (BAM)

It is recommended each importer assign a minimum of 2 Business Account Managers.


Register your business in the CARM Client Portal (CCP)

All importers must register in the CARM Client Portal prior to Release 2 of CARM (May/June 2022) or they will not be able to import commercial shipments into Canada.


Delegate authority to your customs broker

Universal will be requesting “Delegation of Authority” from all active clients.  You will receive this request once your company registers in the CARM Client Portal.  Our clients will have to approve Universal Logistics for a “Business Management” relationship for us to act on their behalf and manage their account(s) with CBSA.


Secure a Release of Goods Bond

Without the required bond, importers will be required to pay CBSA in advance for all duties/taxes prior to gaining release of imported shipments.  Importer security is mandatory for all importers at CARM Release 2 (scheduled for May/June 2022).

For more details on CARM and for tips on how to get ready – visit our website or contact your Client Care Rep to discuss how the proper delegation of authority will streamline your import clearance process.

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