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Universal streamlines customs clearances with Descartes & Windmill

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The implementation of an innovative documentation digitization solution from Windmill, has allowed Universal to take a big step forward in achieving our goal of improving operational efficiency through the automation of the labour-intensive customs clearance process.  This digital software solution from Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has enabled us to eliminate the need for repetitive, error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry, allowing us to use the increased productivity and freed up time to focus on enhancing our client’s service experience.

“Best-in-class technology is an investment we make to help our people provide clients with smarter logistics solutions”, said Paul Glionna, Vice President – Systems Development & Operations.  “Using the Descartes system, we’ve achieved a level of automation that has unlocked significant productive time for higher quality client conversations.  Multi-page commercial invoices that previously took hours to complete are now done in 10 minutes, and commodities are now classified at the time an entry is created to further streamline customs clearance.  This type of process automation is a high impact, low effort means to allow us to focus on higher-value work for our clients.”

Universal will continue to look for other digital automation solutions to help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the customs clearance process while our clients benefit from a better service experience.

For more information, contact Paul Glionna, Vice President – Systems Development & Operations.

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