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Horses for Canada’s Olympic equestrian team fly “first-class”

     Equestrian Hurdle

Learn about the first hurdle Canada’s equestrian horses had to clear
– making the flight to Rio.

Transporting the horses for Canada’s equestrian team to the Olympics involved a very special process created to give our four-legged competitors the best ride possible.  In total, there were three key steps: load the horses into a “box stall”; place the box stall on top of a pallet; slide the pallet into the plane and lock it down to minimize movements.

The pilots helped out as well by taking extra special care to make smooth take-offs and landings.  In short, the horses got first-class treatment from start to finish – and that might just give them the small additional edge that translates into a place on the podium.

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How driving limits for truck drivers impact transit times

The following driving limits, imposed by the U.S. and Canada for safety reasons, could impact your transit times:

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