CARM: What all importers need to know about CARM

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How to avoid customs penalties for non-compliance

Sooner or later, your business will be audited by Customs (CBSA) to ensure you have not committed violations that are subject to AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) penalties.    

Make sure you are ready by:

  • maintaining a documented paper trail of every import/export shipment from purchase order to delivery
  • ensuring all customs declarations, generated from information on the shipping documents, mirror your internal ledgers (i.e. your reporting to Customs must reflect commercial reality)
  • keeping all records relating to customs transactions for the prescribed time limits (six years plus current year)

We offer professional customs consulting services to assist you in becoming fully compliant.  Remember, investing in compliance is always less costly than paying for non-compliance.

     Veena Ramesh, Team Leader – Airfreight Services

Veena Ramesh, Team Leader – Airfreight Services

Quick Tip #4
Country of Origin may not be the Country of Export

Did you know that Country of Origin and Country of Export are not the same thing? Country of Origin indicates where your product is made.

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