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Proof air freight security has come a long way

  Can you imagine spending three
days inside an air freight crate?
It actually happened.

Airport security has never been higher.  But it was not always that way and back in the 60s security was so lax that a bold (and broke) Australian athlete shipped himself from London, England to Perth, Australia.  He made the trip inside a slightly customized wooden airfreight box that was not scanned – something that would never happen today. 

The entire trip, lasting three full days, included a 24-hour delay at the London airport and four hours at an extremely hot airport in Bombay.  The “smuggler” emerged unscathed in Perth and was able to leave the airport property unseen by cutting a hole in a storage building wall, another step that would be impossible with today’s airport security.

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Quick Tip #61
Understand why AMPS is so important

The Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) was introduced by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) effective October 7, 2002. The master penalty document outlines 181 contraventions and the responsibility for these contraventions has been downloaded to the Canadian importers and exporters.

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