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Undervalued courier shipments now subject to seizure


Shipments of commercial goods through the Courier Low Value System (CLVS) program are now subject to seizure if there is physical evidence of a significant undervaluation.  Physical evidence includes any document found on the shipment, such as an invoice that shows a contradiction between the declared value presented by the exporter, and the transactional value.  The definition of “significant undervaluation” is still not known.

If you are currently using the Courier LVS program, be sure to advise your vendors to declare accurate invoice/transaction values on your courier declarations in order to avoid the potential seizures and penalties that may result in undervalued goods.

For more information, contact Brian Rowe, General Manager – Customs Consulting Services.

Quick Tip #27
Show compliance with wood packaging regulations

Making your compliance with wood packaging regulations highly visible on all documentation reduces your chances of being inspected, especially now that enforcement is becoming increasingly stringent.

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