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Canadian Border Delays

Many Canada/USA border ports are seeing long lineups this morning as the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) begins their work-to-rule action. The unions (PSAC and CIU) for 8,500 CBSA personnel have been in talks with the Treasury Board through the night and again this morning.

There are lengthy delays entering Canada at Windsor and Fort Erie/Niagara Falls. Live webcams are available at both ports;

Windsor Cam,

Fort Erie Cam.

Travellers should refer to

CBSA’s Border Wait Times

listing for hourly updates on the status at each border crossing.

Although almost 90 percent of CBSA employees are identified as “essential” and would continue to work in the event of a strike, they have threatened a work-to-rule by refusing to do non-essential duties of collecting duties and taxes. The unions have warned this action could have a dramatic impact on supply chains.

We will continue to monitor the situation and advise accordingly.

For more information, please call Brian Rowe, Director – Customs Compliance & Regulatory Affairs at (905) 882-4880, ext. 1213.

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