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Ensuring compliance with NRCAN reporting requirements

     Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)

Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) is the Other Government Department (OGD) that governs Canada’s Energy Efficiency Act and Energy Efficiency Regulations.  Certain energy-using products are regulated by NRCAN for which additional information is required at the time of importation.  This additional information must be transmitted electronically to the CBSA and contain the following:

  • Name of product (e.g. dishwasher, television, etc.)
  • Model number
  • Brand name, if any
  • Address of the dealer who is importing the product
  • Purpose for which the product is being imported:
    • for sale or lease in Canada without modification
    • for sale or lease in Canada after being modified to comply with the prescribed energy efficiency standard, or
    • for use as a component in a product being exported from Canada

To date, CBSA has not been issuing AMPS penalties for non-compliance with respect to NRCAN declarations.  However, the framework for penalties of this nature already exists.  AMPS Contravention C005 reads, 1st Infraction:  $150 – Non-compliance occurs when mandatory prescribed information required to be provided by electronic or written means, in respect of imported or exported goods is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete.  CBSA is now focusing on OGD requirements (including NRCAN) with their Integrated Import Declaration (IID) testing which is expected to commence in Q3 of 2015.

In order to ensure clients of Universal Logistics are compliant with NRCAN reporting, we have been contacting those clients with regulated imports, in cases where the commercial invoices include incomplete NRCAN details.   Clients of Universal Logistics may also request an NRCAN Impact Study based upon import transactions, and listing their commodities and vendors which are affected.

For more information see our Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) – OGD Import Requirements or contact John Leis, Manager – Client Relations.

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