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How to expedite air export shipments

     Air Cargo

As an approved participant in Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program (ACS), Universal Logistics can arrange air export shipments without going through airline cargo screening that leads to delays and added costs.  To obtain this status, we had to meet the following requirements, as mandated by Transport Canada:

  • Staff must be fully trained to fulfill ACS standards and pass in depth background checks
  • Operate a secure facility
  • Utilize carriers/warehouses that are also participants in the ACS program

In order for your cargo to move as part of the ACS program, you must apply to become a Registered Shipper, by calling 1-866-375-7342 or sending an email to  If you plan to ship air cargo, please do not delay in registering.

For more information, contact David Lychek, Manager – Ocean & Air Services.

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As a client of Universal Logistics, you will always be among the first to learn about key events that could influence the shipping of your imports or exports. That’s because we issue Email Alerts! whenever something important happens.

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