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U.S. truck rates continue to spike

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Rising rates for U.S. trucking, which began in January, are expected to peak in mid-summer, when
demand for trucking is highest.  Prices are already up 25-30%, mainly because of these factors: 

  • surging fuel prices
  • a shortage of drivers
  • rapidly increasing demand
  • stricter enforcement of drive-time regulations (Electronic Logging Devices), which have forced some rigs off the road
  • delays at ports, where operators are having difficulty handling the mega container ships now used by many lines to reduce ocean freight costs

Trucking companies are responding by refusing to service certain markets, introducing new fees or offering service with no guarantees. 

Our trucking expert, William Sanchez, Manager – Truck Services, welcomes inquiries on the best available options under the current market conditions.  You can reach him by email or by calling 905-822-4880, ext. 224.

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