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Looking for a better freight forwarder, more competitive air freight rates and new ways to optimize transit times?

David Lychek Manager - Ocean & Air Services
David Lychek, Manager
– Ocean & Air Services

Don't arrange your next air freight shipment until you have discovered what Universal Logistics offers:

  • Fast transit times when speed is important and deferred service when price is most important
  • Forward Thinking, the one-of-a-kind approach to international freight forwarding, based on an unmatched, four-step assessment of client needs:
    • Supply chain check-up
      Is your current freight forwarder doing no more than just handling shipments? Get a free consultation on your planned international moves to identify overall opportunities, challenges and strategies.
    • Purchase order management
      Does your forwarder get involved from the minute a purchase order is placed? Send us your electronic POs for the freight that needs to be moved, including key landmarks in the supply chain such as "Ready at Factory Date" and "Required Delivery Date". We will monitor progress of your shipment to ensure all desired deadlines are met.
    • Vendor synchronization
      Are your international vendors meeting their commitments? We provide the answer by monitoring vendor performance locally, reporting any delinquencies, and recommending alternative solutions, when necessary, to meet your objectives.
    • 24-hour shipment visibility
      Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we provide web access (UConnect) to shipment status, exception reporting and shipment documentation (EDM) from PO to POD.
  • Pre-shipping reporting and trade compliance support under the Single Window Initiative (SWI) and Integrated Import Declaration (IID) programs:
    Advance Commercial Information (ACI) and eManifest
    Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), Importer Security Filing (ISF '10+2') and eManifest
  • : International air load freight shipping by leading broker with best shipping & transit times & shipment rates.
  • Local market intelligence through our international agent network, developed over the last half century to make our clients aware of any shipping challenges or opportunities
  • Expedited customs clearance in advance of shipment arrival when you also use our Canadian or U.S. customs brokerage services
  • Full trade security because Universal Logistics is PIP approved in Canada and C-TPAT approved in the U.S.
  • The confidence and peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you have expert support, based on more than 65 years of industry experience, to address any and all international freight issues

More reasons why it pays to choose Universal Logistics

  • Guidance on transport modes, routings and pricing for all your international shipping
  • Consultation on international regulations, letters of credit, Incoterms and country-specific documentation requirements
  • Expertise in insurance liabilities and loss prevention; full insurance coverage; shortage and damage claim services
  • Advice on handling of over-sized project cargo and dangerous goods; guidance on shipment packaging and special permit requirements
  • SMART Freight Review – Freight audit services, including invoice reviews, costing and routing recommendations
  • Complete freight management and reporting services

Quick Tips

Tip #3 – How to avoid customs penalties for non-compliance

Sooner or later, your business will be audited by Customs (CBSA) to ensure you have not committed violations that are subject to AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) penalties.

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