CARM: What all importers need to know about CARM

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Always have a back-up plan

Do you have a Plan B when something goes wrong with a shipment?  It happens sooner or later with every company that has regular shipments.  See how well you are prepared by trying to guess the Plan Bs for the following shipping roadblocks:

Problem:  Production run not completed on time.

        Plan B  (Click to reveal answer)

Problem:  Preferred routing is not available because of weather conditions, strikes, peak season surcharges, vessel cancellation or any number of other possible issues.

        Plan B  (Click to reveal answer)

Problem:  Missed vessel sailing for an urgent ocean freight container.

        Plan B  (Click to reveal answer)

To establish your Plan B, contact Debbie McGuire, Manager – Freight Solutions.

Quick Tip #60
Freight charges by mode

Each mode of transport is different, with a different “rule” on how to determine the cost of moving freight under each.

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