CARM: What all importers need to know about CARM

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Small clerical errors can have big implications

Here are some facts to remember before you complete the documentation that goes with your next shipment: 

  • Document requirements in the country of origin can be very different than the standards in the  country of destination
  • 800 documents are used in international transportation
  • Some countries will accept copies of documentation, others demand originals

Make sure you do your homework before completing any documentation.  Or better still ask us for help (call 905-882-4880, ext. 308 and ask for Debbie McGuire) and remove the risk of making a clerical error that could end up costing you time and money.

     Mila Leon, Customs Operations

Mila Leon, Customs Operations

Quick Tip #20
True or false? AMPS penalties only apply to import shipments

Answer: False. Canadian exports are subject to about 17 AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) infractions.

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